What do I write about?

I’m a writer and researcher with a background in mental health, psychology, and philosophy. Here are some of the services I provide.


My science-backed articles and personal essays have been published in SELF, Refinery29, Healthline, and more.

As a mental health writer, I cover topics like food and eating psychology, body image and body politics, psychological disorders and recovery as well as alternative interventions and practices like meditation. I’m deeply passionate about lifting the lid of shame and secrecy that often drive stigma.

I’ve also written about travel, culture, and lifestyle. You can find some of my articles here.


I produce raw and intimate pieces that connect us, providing insight and catharsis.

I weave stories of hope and empowerment out of the trash-heaps of the past.

My writing draws heavily from my background in philosophy and psychology, and personal experiences of mental health, spirituality, and Buddhism.


I enjoy sharing psychological discoveries and ideas with laymen audiences, producing stimulating yet digestible educational content that ignites brain cells.

As a researcher for an NHS-funded study of a classroom-based body-image intervention, I helped deliver a psychoeducational programme across schools in London, educating young people about the risk factors for body dissatisfaction and eating disorders. I also co-authored the research paper, published in Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention.


I’ve worked closely with businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe, crafting colourful yet grounded copy and content that tells their brand’s story in an authentic way.

Using the power of words, I can help you:


"Ziba has superb writing skills, with a refreshing and poetic twist. She produced outstanding content, copy and marketing pieces for our magazine and brand. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a writer."

Sophie Parienti


"Ziba is one of those unusual writers who produced copy, requiring little or no editing, exactly to the brief that surpassed expectations. She made a significant contribution to our website with her ability to write engaging, in-depth features on a range of subjects as well as guides necessitating a more information-based approach. We have had many writers work for us. Only a few stand out. Ziba is one of them."

Sharon Guest

Hoi An Now

"Ziba has a powerful way with words. She produced beautiful copy and written content for our website and campaigns, bringing to life our charity's values, goals and mission."

Maia Mounsher

International Development Officer at Center for Girls

"We felt the copy you wrote about A Luminary Life beautifully conveyed our philosophy and values, making these accessible and down-to-earth for first time-visitors to our wellness centre. Your writing also emotionally captured our services for more advanced guests, which was a 100% fit to our target audience. The copy subtly conveyed our bigger mission of helping Hoi An become a spiritual hub! We loved it, thank you!"

Michelle Ford

Founder at A Luminary Life Wellness Centre

"Ziba's writing is incredibly detailed in a poetic and yet understandable way. She was able to convey the subtleties of my work even though my work as a healer can be incredibly non-verbal and oriented around experience. I am grateful for the way she captured it and use it to promote my private sessions on my website."

Aaran Solh

Intuitive Coach and Healer

"We are very grateful for the beautiful content that Ziba produced for our yoga and cultural center. Her crisp and articulate writing reflected our vision and values perfectly."


Usada Cultural Center, Bali


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