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I’m a writer and researcher, with a background in mental health, psychology and philosophy.


I write articles, essays and blog posts, specialising in psychology, mental health, wellness, culture and travel. My writing has been widely published in various print and digital publications. I’m currently co-author for the Surviving Eating Disorders blog for HealthyPlace, which is aimed at demystifying and destigmatising eating disorders.

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I merge my psychology expertise and creative skills – using psychology-based techniques – to share your story and help you win new clients.

SEO-Driven Copywriting

Generating keyword-rich content and copy that strikes a balance between telling your story poetically, appealing to a clearly defined audience and being optimized for search engines.

Advertising Copy

Boosting your advertising campaigns and selling your brand with fresh, innovative ideas.

Email Marketing

Devising strategic content that inspire your readers into action and serves as an automated selling machine from the moment it hits their inboxes.

Social Media Marketing

Growing your online presence and enhancing your reputation with consistent, captivating materials.


I have a Master’s degree in psychology and worked as an assistant psychologist and research assistant in the U.K for many years. Drawing upon my personal experience of mental health and understanding of psychological research, I produce insightful articles that are easily accessible to the public. In particular, I cover eating disorders, depression, recovery, and healing around the world.

I’m also interested in the role of “spirituality” in the etiology and treatment of mental illness. I write about alternative interventions, such as hypnotherapy and meditation. I’ve been practicing Vipassana meditation for 14 years, having attended several 10-day Vipassana courses in the tradition of S. N. Goenka. I’ve facilitated mindfulness groups around the world on a voluntary basis, as I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn meditation and mindfulness for free.

As a research assistant within a prominent eating disorders service in London, I conducted a study of the effectiveness of body image interventions on self-esteem and eating disorder symptomology in schools. I later volunteered for women’s empowerment and anti-trafficking organization in Chiang Khong, Thailand, delivering mental health workshops to children and young people to raise awareness of mental illness.


I sometimes moonlight as a travel writer and photographer. I’ve been wandering and exploring the globe since before the days of Instagram, when ‘travel blogging’ was an unoccupied territory and esoteric term. My work focuses on off-the-beaten-path destinations, local culture, and slow, conscious travel.

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